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Hello, friends!

I’m so excited to announce this year’s Beanblossom Soaps buy-one-give-one soap drive!


This year, for every bar of Beanblossom Soap that is sold, a bar will be donated to women’s shelters and homeless shelters.  Shelters are so often the only place many people have as a resource, and their wish lists often include requests for toiletries and hygiene products.  Well I thought….Hey now - I make soap, and I know how to make a lot of it!    


So as you share time with your loved ones, prepping your holiday gift list, please consider a gift that gives back!  A little bar of a soap can make a big difference to someone in need.  Beanblossom Soaps are designed with a holistic approach to health, healing, and happiness.


AND…. we’ve got a little surprise. 


I reached out to people I know, old friends and new, poets and non-poets - just some regular fabulous people -  and asked them to submit a short stanza to include on the inside of the label. We’ve gathered small poems, wisdoms, haikus, thoughts, musings, etc. to include on the inside of the label.  We wanted to add a human touch, and we’re so pleased and grateful for the response.  Thanks y’all! 


Head HERE to purchase.


This year, we are donating soaps to:


Sarah’s Circle (Chicago)


From Nature with Love Donation program (who distributes to various shelters on the east coast)


Safe Place Austin 


We don’t use plastics in our packaging, but eco-friendly fabrics and paper, and we don’t use harsh chemicals that foster an unreasonable shelf-life.  Our bars of soap are naturally shelf-stable 1 - 2 years, but I bet they’ll get used up faster than that! 

Help us Donate our Soap!